Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How awesome is this cartoon?

Thank you to my friend, Terri, for sharing this with me! I love it!

I got some work done in my classroom today with the help of a few students who graduated last year. Thank you Emily, Bowen and Claire!! I am getting excited about the first day now. My classroom is all dressed up. Year 9...here we go. 
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Back to Work

I've been creating watercolor/ink drawings this summer. They will be on display and for sale at Valentien Restaurant and Wine Bar in December with the reception on Dec. 3rd. I still have many more to make, but I really like how they are turning out...

My ceramics will be for sale at the Bakersfield Museum of Art starting next month in their gift shop. The little vases you see in the previous post are the start of what will be for sale along with cups and vases and possibly some pendants.

And it's back to school for me next week. Students return on the 20th and I have been in denial about getting to my classroom, but plan to go on Monday.

It's been such a great summer...