Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Trio of Oakland Potters

Hue Yang, Jason Dunn, Noelle Nakama and me.

Hue caught a picture of Jason and
me chatting ceramics.

Hue took this of the gallery
when is was packed.

Last Friday night was the opening of "A Trio of Oakland Potters" at Surface Gallery.

This opening meant a lot to me. Vikki and I invited potters that I had attended San Francisco State with to have this exhibition here. It had been 7 years since I graduated from there and hadn't spoken to them since that time. I was very shy back then (I know hard to believe). I didn't get very close to anyone, but I greatly admired them and never forgot the three of them or their work.

Fast forward to 2009, ( a year into owning the gallery with Vikki) we were looking for artists to exhibit. I looked Jason Dunn, Noelle Nakama and Hue Yang up on line and discovered they were all still doing pottery in Oakland and from the way their websites all linked to each other I could tell they were all still in touch. After showing their work to Vikki I sent them an e-mail about our interest in them having an exhibition at Surface. That was one of the funnest e-mails I ever sent. I had no idea if they would remember me or even want to have a show her. I was thrilled when they responded with excitement. Jason and Hue drove all of their work down a few weeks ago and the show opened on Friday. All the artists were in attendance along with some family members. It was a great night and now we get to be surrounded by their pottery in the gallery until Dec. 19th. I am so thankful to them for wanting to share it with us (Bakersfield) and for reconnecting with them after all these years.