Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration / Execution 2011 Wine Bottle

I created a painted wine bottle for the Bakersfield Museum of Art again. This year I took inspiration from a drawing I created in 2003 called "Insomnia". Below is the drawing that I made during the middle of the night in '03 when I really was suffering from insomnia. I decided to draw instead of get frustrated and this was the result.

I reacreated the same idea of the drawing on the bottle this year... using a lot of blues and drawing little houses, one "lit" as if awake.

Below is the bottle in progress. I took it to school to show my students what I was working on. I painted the bottle first and then began the dots of color on top of the painting.

Many, many hours later... here is the finished bottle...

The event is called "Winescapes" and will be held on April 28th at BMOA. The many painted bottles created by local artists are really incredible to see in person. Hope you can make it.