Sunday, April 29, 2012

New work and Nephew play

    I tend to take photos of my work right before it goes in the kiln to be fired for the first time... I love the way the clay looks before it's glazed. These vases are actually porcelain and I may not glaze the entire body, but I still love the true matte quality they have before they go in the kiln. They may be for the show in July for the Arts Council of Kern entitled, "Playful Minds".I finally took a some time after work to get some of my own pieces done.
     It's crunch time with the students... only a month until school let's out so things get very busy from here until May 31st. The photos below are of these pieces heading into the kiln, but I just took these pieces out of the bisque fire a few days ago and decided to simply glaze the rim with celedon and also around the "stars" a bit with celedon. They should be finished next week and I'll post finished photos when they come out... I can't wait to see.

My nephew Austin came over recently and played in my studio. He told me at Easter that he wanted to learn to throw pottery on the wheel (not in those exact words, but that's what he meant). ;-)   

So, he came over and played on the wheel for the first time a few weeks back. He was really good!! A talent from the start. I didn't even help him center this time! He made 3 little bowls on the wheel that day, a potter in the making for sure.