Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dedicated to June 1st

You know how you (well maybe you don't do this, but I do) pile things on and feel like if you could just make it to a certain day (say June 1st) everything will be just fine? It's been one of those months for me. One thing after another until you forget that you actually signed yourself up for everything you've piled on. You did this to yourself you know. But if I could just get to June 1st. THAT would make it all better. Everything piled on this giant plate called life will be in the past and you can just sit and breath and relax into a moment of pressure-less-ness (I just made that word up, I hope it works for you).


It's June 1st and life feels a lot better.

Not to say I don't have a million other things I have to, scratch that, want to do.... but this does feel much better.

So, to all of us who are waiting to get to that one day. Cheers.

Remember it will come and it's most important to enjoy each... little... second.... that gets you there.

PS. This is our new little cat (the darker one is ours). I love the pattern on them... so sweet. Thank you to my student Lauren for giving him to us. We love him.

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