Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper Clay Workshop with Rebecca Hutchinson

Mendocino, Ca is so pretty. It is a charming, gorgeous town right on the edge of the ocean. From the Mendocino Art Center you can see 180 degrees of ocean...

These are some little pieces I made with paper clay. I learned so much while I was there. Paper clay breaks so many of the rules of working with clay in the traditional manner... you can connect dry pieces to wet, even wet to fired clay. You can create pieces that are so incredibly thin and light.
The fast that you can actually sew paper clay with a needle and thread was really interesting to me. I didn't want to continue to work like this (as I don't really enjoy sewing) but it was fun to play with.
Here Rebecca is showing us how she creates her own artwork with paper clay. We were all in awe of her and her expertise.
These little beauties were made by Rebecca. They are handmade paper rolled into pretty tubes that she then dips into paper clay.

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