Friday, March 16, 2012

The Latest

So remember this vase?  I made two for that particular exhibit and both were purchased. One is below; the new owner sent me a photo of it in his home. I love to see where my work ends up!  

I just finished making this vase for a friend. It hasn't gone through the kiln, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. I love they way the clay looks when it's leatherhard (not too wet, not too dry). It is such a pretty color at that stage and has a softness to it. I do like this particular clay called "black mountain" as it retains that quality after it's been high fired. I'll post a finished photo when it comes out of the kiln.

I'm heading to NCECA in a little over a week... so looking forward to it. I just shipped off my student's piece that was accepted into the K12 National Exhibit being held during NCECA in Seattle. I am so glad it's off and on its way...fingers are crossed that it arrives safely.

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