Monday, September 14, 2009

"One" exhibtion showing at Surface Gallery

This is my current work showing at Surface Gallery. The anniversary exhibition "One" opened on Sept. 15th with new work from the 4 artists who showed at the grand opening a year ago. Vikki Cruz, Liz Sherwyn and Brent Eviston all created work interpreting the word one. I created 12 tiled pieces representing the 12 months since Vikki and I signed the lease. I pressed real flowers and leaves into wet clay to create the images; the little buttons of clay represent the month... one button is January and so forth. On display they hang from June-May since the "year" for me began when we signed the lease and construction began at the gallery. I like the fossil like image the foliage leaves behind, a moment is captured. Oh, and they are for sale $140 each but June, May, January and December have already sold. Let me know if you are interested. Enjoy!

Celebratory May Sold

Flowering April

Weathering March

Gorgeous February

Clean Slate January Sold

Milestone December Sold

Colorful November

Steady October

Keep Breathing September

Rushing August

Busier July

Busy June Sold

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