Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last week of school!

Me and my student Amy. She took my class for one year and conquered wheel throwing.
 She is so talented!

These are 18"x18" and still need some sanding and stain. 

These boys are 3 ft x3 ft and also need some sanding and stain. I calculated that I will need to make 256 tiny bowls (as shown below) to cover just one of the big ones. I may need to call in some troupes to help. 

     It's the last week of school! We had finals today and I said "Goodbye" to numerous seniors. It is always a bitter sweet week. This year there was a group of seniors who ate lunch in my classroom every day... I will miss them. :-(  In art developments, the wood shop class brought over these beauties above for the project I am planning for Valentien Restaurant in the fall. I plan to attach these to them. I can't wait to see just one finished...

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