Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The List

     When I go to a new place I always make a list... of new things, observations and those tidbits I just don't want to forget. So here is my Penland/Spruce Pine, North Carolina list. I'm sure I'll keep adding to this as I keep looking through photos...Enjoy!

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The List

Super Fresh Smell of Green as you get off the plane
Wide open hilly spaces
Thunder and lighting with no rain
So much tea and coffee
Honor System goat cheese
"largest concentration of artists in the nation"
Knife and Fork
Pizza Parlor- trivia night, open mike night
Penland buffet= delicious
Henry and Alfred- The cats
Home grown tomatoes, kale, squash, radishes, garlic, carrots-Michelle
Fashion photography-Wes
"you're from that bankrupt state"-random stranger 
coffee ice cream at knife and fork followed by the Penland meadow
Yoga with Donna Marie and the entire ceramics class
So many Stars, bridges, streams
Bugs galore
the high in June-75-80 degrees "bring layers"
More tea
The Bringle Sisters
"look at that view"
Tufted titmouse, chickadee
Mica Gallery
Crimson and Laurel gallery
Lunch/ studio home visit with Suze Lindsay and Kent McLaughlin 
garlic harvest
unlocked cars
1 hour to sushi
Indian Buffet
The Pines- Dessert at lunch 
hanging street lights
meeting Lisa Clague in her studio 
Deer sighting
inside cats
Artists studios to visit everywhere
"where can I get reception?"
The Workshop-
Kevin, Mark, Donna, Rebecca, Lucy, Genaro, Joan, Sarah, Kelcy, Sandy, Laura, Jacob, Cindy
Porcelain, Underglazes on greenware, cone 6
Rocking Chairs
Everything becoming a song
Show and Tell also know as "show and show"
"Oh, Henry"

At the Airport in Ashville.
The incredible bridge that can only hold 40 people. 

Show and Tell 
Sunset over Penland. 

Michelle and Wes in front of the house.

Donna and me on the last day.

Oh, Henry. 

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