Monday, June 4, 2012

Playful Mind

    So the full story of how these pieces came about includes my students.We were in the middle of state testing in April and after they had finished their tests on one of those long days (they had 3 hours to take the English portion and all finished within two) I decided to entertain them and demonstrate some thrown pieces on the wheel. Usually when I demonstrate it is for something they are expected to create...perhaps a small cylinder. Well... this was more to kill some time so they requested something "bigger". I threw 3 pieces quickly finishing one on the wheel and moving directly to another wheel. It was very playful and fun and the students enjoyed seeing me throw (I think!)... not as a teacher, but as an artist.
      I was also thinking about how I needed to create work for the exhibit at the Arts Council coming up in July, so I figured I would take these playfully created pieces and finish them for that exhibit. The days after state testing, I decided to continue "playing" with carving, textures, adding grog as decoration and so forth. I am really excited about how they transformed from entertainment for my students into pieces of art that I am excited to share with the public. Hope to see you at the opening of "Playful Minds", July 6th at the Younger Gallery!

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